Website Downtime

Dear Fellow Cigar Aficionado,


We apologize for the downtime on our main website today,  Having sent out the sale email this morning, it could not have happened at a worse time!

Unfortunately, the .kn (St. Kitts) domain registrar had an issue, which caused outages in reaching any .kn domain name for a number of hours.  In the future, you can also use our .com domain, which is  We have considered switching to the short 4-letter domain completely, but also like the local flavour of the .kn (St. Kitts) domain.

We are very sorry again for any inconvenience and look forward to being of continued service to you.

GM, Orlens Guerra


In order to guarantee you are receiving La Casa del Habano cigars, we place a small “Authenticated” seal on your boxes. This will ensure you are receiving authentic Habanos Cuban Cigars